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Cedar City
Brewing Company

About us

We've torn down the walls to provide a front-row seat into the world of craft beer. Our 10-barrel direct-fire brewhouse is designed and positioned as the cornerstone of a 125-year-old historic building.

Our deep connection to family, friends, and community inspires us to show kindness, warmth, and a welcoming presence to everyone who enters our establishment.

The power of our community and the quality of our beer is as meaningful as Sunday supper, firm handshakes, handwritten notes, and holding the door for a stranger.

For these reasons, our mission is to offer a craft beer as unique as Southern culture, focusing on three main components: creating a fuller flavor, offering a greater variety, and providing an authentic customer experience.

With beer, as with people, what's inside counts and inspires us to continue brewing the world's most celebrated drink.


The CCBC Crew comprises an eclectic mix of business-minded entrepreneurs and creatives with a collective background in food & beverage, brewing, marketing, brand development, operations, sales, distribution, and product development. Each day we push the boundaries of what is possible in the craft beer world.

John Overby

Head Brewer | Brewery Operations

Cody McCray

Owner | Management

Kyle Shaffer

Owner | Management

Cody Lannom

Partner | Management | Marketing & Sales